Bad Addiction!

The Salvation Army opened a new thrift store with 30,000 square feet of space, on Friday and guess who could not resist! ME!
It was even on the front page of our local paper, which my husband didn't see.
If you have ever been to Black Friday, the only difference between that and this was that it was 9:00am not 5:00am.
The only thing I can say is that when I got in there, I grabbed what I could! Unfortunately about 10:10am I decided to get in line to check out because I was hearing things about the lines being long(I had to pick up my youngest child from pre-school). Well, they were! I finally checked out at 10:40am! On the good side of that, I may have found another volunteer for our high school garage sale.
I thought I had spent about 50, no it was 60. Ever do the cash/credit so your husband doesn't really know how much you really spent?
Anyway, after I picked up the youngest, I went home showed my husband my load (he was working from home that day), I asked him if he had $10.00, I told him just in case I might need some cash. You would think he would know where I was going! Y'all know right? Well he didn't! Not until I called him and asked him if he could use something I found. He could use it.
I was there for a couple of hours and only came away $26.00 worth of stuff (of course I did the cash/credit again)!

Here are the pictures of my bad addiction!

Another cow!

See the cows?

The rest of Friday was spent going to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and Sams Club. I won't show you that again. You can just imagine my big van piled with groceries in the back and throughout!

Saturday I spent cleaning up the kitchen and putting away my loot until my son said he needed to go to the doctor for his sore throat, he has been home since Thursday afternoon with it. Since it was after hours, we had to go to convenient care. I was really hoping for Strep, but it wasn't (at least we would have gotten a prescription and no more complaining). The doctor said he just had a sore throat and it will get better on it's own! When this child gets sick, he really gets sick! Anyway, now my husband is complaining about the same thing. It's going to be a very long Sunday! I think I will be folding laundry in the basement!

Now I am off to catch up with everyone! See you!


  1. Oh man I would have loved to have been here with you. I'lll have to ask my aunt is she knows about this store yet.

    We have the same sore throat here and head cold to boot.

    remember the puppy I gave to my mom for Christmas, well, Pop won't babysit him so we can come to Rockford. He is in his terrible twos right now and has ate like 4 rolls of toliet tissue and a throw rug. He is a mean rowdy little booger. I told my mom maybe we can just bring him and she thinks he is too little to travel that far. So, for now no trip unless I go by myself and I won't do that.

    You'll just have to shop the thrift stores for me.

  2. I haven't heard of this store either. I do love my thrift stores. We use to have a Loki too. Stop by my blog while I am gone and leave a comment and you will entered in the giveaway.Kathy

  3. I think Melissa at Sunbonnet Cottage had the same teapot on her header not long ago. How wild is that? What great finds! Wish I had been there too. xxoo

  4. Hey Susan, I think I got my blog fixed...I think...not sure yet! I just wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to...I would love to have a Salvation Army store in my area. You sure got a lot of nice things! I love cows too. I love the little long-eared rabbit...that will be great with Easter coming up!

    By the way, yes!! I do the cash/credit thing too! LOL!!

    By the way...Loki is adorable! I feel really stupid but what kind of furbaby is she? A ferret? Hmmmm...just a guess! Your dogs are so sweet!! I love the parakeets, too...I am such a fool for animals!

    Susan, I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  5. I LOVE thrift stores too! I never leave empty handed. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I love your background. I am following you too now! I love meeting fellow bloggers.

  6. ~WOW~ Susan you found some really cute stuff! I really the teacup lamp. It's darling!

    I hope everyone feels better soon.
    i know the throats been hurtin all weekend as well.

  7. Susan, what a haul...looks good.

    Your new blog design is great and I LOVE, LOVE your header. Fabulous.


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