Happy New Year!!!!

Well far today, our mail carrier stopped by to collect $.26 on mail she was delivering (our refinance papers), my husband has to go and search through the trash for one of my kitchen knifes (he is trying to avoid that) and I haven't done anything with the house for the new year (it's clean, just not New Year clean). I had this grand plan of having the house spotless and all of the laundry clean, folded, ironed and put away. Oh well, maybe next year. I think I would rather do something for myself today. Puzzle, sewing or watching a movie?
I think I need more coffee!

Happy New Year!!!

Just to update husband found the knife in the trash (he loves me) and I decided to eat chocolate and read blogs till nap time!


Goings on this Christmas....

Christmas Morning!

I think everyone, including the animals enjoyed Christmas!

Humphrey and his new squeeky toy!

Mimi opening all of her presents at once!

Wizzie and her new American Girl doll Mia!

Nick found his favorite present!
(notice the Stewy slippers?)

Daddy trying to figure out how to put things together for the kids already!


A few pictures of our Christmas decorations!

Every tree needs a cow!

The living tree....

The Den tree......

Maybe we could use another tree?
I have more ornaments in the basement!


Christmas Eve!!!!
Over the last few days we had more then a few inches of snow. On our way to 5:00pm Mass on Christmas Eve, I was backing out of our driveway and bam, I hit the car that was parked directly behind our driveway. We ended up late for mass and sitting on the sides inside the church. Something always happens on Christmas Eve. Sprained ankle one year, moving another year, hitting a car this year!
After that we went our local park to look at the pretty Christmas lights and came home to wait for Santa to show up. It was about 11:00pm when the girls went to bed and Santa came. He left about 2:00am. We had a very long visit with him this year!

The stocking were hung.....

The presents under the tree.....
And one very tired Santa and his elf!
Mimi's Christmas Concert!

Mimi had her Christmas program and she was wonderful. The little boy on the left of her has told his mommy that he plans to marry Mimi!

My little girl is growing up.......

Nick's Christmas Concert!

Every year the Guilford Music Department puts on a concert at the Mall. There are usually 4-5 groups of students that play for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Here is Nick playing Christmas music in the band.

(sorry about the red eye!)

The Children in Front of the Christmas Tree.

I was trying to tae a photo of the children in front of the tree for our Christmas photo that we send out every year.

They were not exactly cooperating.

I think they were having fun though.
I am a very lucky mommy. They are very beautiful girls and a very handsome young man.

I Finished the Girls Nightgowns Today....

I was able to finish the girls nightgowns today.

I was going to give the to the girls their nightgowns at Christmas time, but I couldn't wait.
They look adorable in them.

A few pictures of our trip to Chicago on Saturday....

The Chicago Times Building.

Macy's escalators.

The Hershey Store.

Some of the tall buildings that we saw.

I thought this church was beautiful in the snow. Very Christmas.

American Girl Store in Chicago...

Wizzie and Mimi standing in front of the sign.
We were there to get Wizzie the Mia doll and most of Mia clothes and accessories for Christmas.

The sales lady was showing the girls all of the items that came with the Mia starter set.
Wizzie was inspecting all of her loot that she received from American Girl.

Wizzie had to dress her Samantha doll in the velvet coat that she said she needed. She also got, a set of pajamas and a tote to carry Samantha and Mia around.
She will get the Mia doll and all of her stuff at Christmas.


The Blog Test...

I found this through another blog.

blog readability test

TV Reviews

Snow, Snow and More Snow....

We had 4-5 inches of snow on Sunday and then another 3-4 inches of snow yesterday. We are expecting more snow this Saturday (the day we are going into Chicago) and more next Monday and Tuesday.

Mimi the Pilgrim...

Mimi's preschool had their Thanksgiving Program.

All of the children were so cute.


At 4:00 am on Thanksgiving day I knew I was going to be sick with the stomach flu. By 8:30 am I was trying to tell Ian,Thanksgiving was canceled! Ian at that point knew I was sick and volunteered to help me cook thanksgiving. Between the two of us we managed to make a 21lb turkey, stuffing and candied yams. The family is still waiting for their pumpkin pie, eggnog custard pie and caramel apple cheesecake.

However, it didn't keep me from Black Friday shopping the next morning. Up and out of bed by 3:30 am and in front of Toys R Us by 4:20 am, Wal-Mart by 6:15 am and Target by 7:30 am. I was back in bed by 9:00 am.

Maybe this weekend I will make the rest of thanksgiving dinner. I think they have waited long enough for it.

If you are looking for the old reliable ..

I am a big garage sale, estate sale and thrift store fan. I have seen them at thrift stores and that's where I usually get most of my records. Can't beat $ .50 for a record, can you? I haven't been able to bring myself to buy any of the 8 tracks.


Fell in love all over again.....

Recently I fell in love all over again with my record player. I had put it down in the basement after my husband tried selling it at a garage sale a few years ago because we had gotten a retro record player.

I have also been trying to explain to my 16 year old son about how a record player you can hear the layers in music and on an ipod it sounds crisp and one layer (I am not 28 that I have been telling everyone for the last several years, but I think you can guess).

A few weeks ago I bought the new Police album (yes I did and they were a limited edition) and it didn't sound right on that dinky little retro thing. Soooo, I brought up the old one and dinky got moved to the upstairs hallway.

I am having the wonderful time listening to the Police, Nat King Cole Christmas and whatever else I can find.

Did you also get a look at the 8 track player?


Today's Funny

I saw something in today's funnies (Family Circus) that I thought was excellent:

"Your day goes the way the corners of your mouth turn. So Smile."


Our First Real Snow.....

The first real snow and the girls had to go out in it and help daddy.

The snow didn't stick on the ground, even though it snowed most of the day.
Wonder how much we will get this winter?
It's time to hibernate!

Wizzie and the Limo.....

Wizzie was one of the children picked to ride in the limo to a restaurant on Friday.

Only 10 children went on the ride from the school.

I believe they had a great time!

One very happy puppy!

Family Favorite!

Family Favorite!

Anyone for dessert?

Anyone for dessert?