Jim's Birthday Party at Shabbona Lake....

Jim was one of the Sea Cadets and he invited the family
to his Birthday party / Graduation party at Shabbona Lake State Park. Him and his family camped there the previous night and were planning to camp there that night.

Jim looks like a very happy person!

We decided to go and find out what the teenagers were doing.

Trying to catch fish! They didn't catch anything, except moss!

I don't think they are going to catch anything.

Wizzie found something yucky!

Mimi came looking for cake!

Here is Jim cutting his birthday cake. Of course I got a corner piece!

Nick and his friends had to slide down this slide before we left.

Wizzie went down the slike too.

Mimi, however, played in the sand with a new friend!

The Doxy's Enjoying the Morning Air....

I think Chloe wants breakfast.

And Humphrey just wants to go back to bed.

The Garden Early in the Morning...

I decided to take some pictures after Ian left for work one morning this past week.

One of the cucumbers growing. I have about 4 or 5 growing.

The garden.

A petunia that just grew next to the house.

This is the tree that covers some of the backyard. They either need to cut it back or cut it down. Beautiful tree. Wrong place for it.

Bachelor Button


Some of the animals on a lazy Sunday....

Humphrey...... still cute.

Loki...... very sleepy, he's cute too.

and the birds Oscar and Felix.....very awake, also cute.

The Big Sunflower!

Ian standing in front of the sunflower.

The sunflower is at least 6.5 - 7.0 feet tall and no sign of stopping.

Begining of July in the garden....

One of the sunflowers in the garden.

The beginning of a yellow squash.

The zucchini is really taking over.

Our only apple on the tree.

Goings on in the garden...

This was the garden in mid June.

The Bubble Machine!

I bought a bubble machine for the girls on a Wal-Mart trip for fun.

The Bubbles went into the garden....

and high into the air!

I think the girls loved their new toy!

Weekend Breakfast....

Daddy cooking breakfast on the weekend

Breakfast was excellent after it was done!

Digging up the garden!

Daddy and Mimi digging up the yard.

Mimi making sure that Daddy is doing it right!

Chloe looking for any juicy bugs to eat. Yuck!


One very happy puppy!

Family Favorite!

Family Favorite!

Anyone for dessert?

Anyone for dessert?