The dogs enjoying the garden...

Doesn't he look cute?

Snowball also enjoying the sun.

Chloe looking for a place to dig.

Humphrey enjoying the sun.

The baby birds...

Ian tried to fix the bird house temporarily so the babies wouldn't fall out of the bottom of the bird house.
Here is the mommy making sure nothing is wrong.

When they vacate the house, Ian will fix it and move it to a more secure location.

Path to Freedom....

I stumbled upon an interesting family awhile back and I have been keeping up with their posts on their web-site

I don't know if I would or even could give up my dishwasher or any of my creature comforts. However, some of their ideas are excellent!

Even if you do one thing they suggest, it might be better for you and/or the environment.

Veggie gardening is a start. What is next?

Our Victory Garden!!

I love gardening.... I have been hearing more and more about people starting their own veggie garden. I believe it's an excellent idea.

So, the garden that I had originally planned this spring (plan 1) was going to be smaller then the one we have now (plan 3). The one that I ended up with (plan 2), I thought would be enough.

A few weeks ago I went to the farmers market and bought some watermelon plants. I had pumpkin plants than I had put in, but they needed a bit more space.
I decided to take over the girls mud hole and made more garden!!

Now I believe I need more space in the garden. This Saturday Ian and I will dig up more of the grass area to make plan 4. Don't know if this is the final plan though.

Things that have happened....

Since the last post Chloe hurt her back, so we have been having to carry her up and down the stairs. She is getting better, but she still has her bad days, most of them are good.

Also, the girls did their ice show, which we will have a dvd of. The Booster Club did their garage sale, which I am still recovering from. And I had to have a ROOT CANAL! That wasn't fun. To add to what we have spent this year, we bought a chest freezer. Lots of stuff going on here!!!!

One very happy puppy!

Family Favorite!

Family Favorite!

Anyone for dessert?

Anyone for dessert?