Happy Birthday to my oldest!!!!

He's 17!!!

Where did my baby go?

More pictures of our river trip!

I thought it would be my dream for a doctor to tell me to sit on the couch for another 3 weeks, read trashy books and watch TV. But I can honestly say, that I am bored out of my mind after only a week and a half.
I need to get up and clean up my house. I need to cook food for my family. I think the kids have lost weight. I know my husband has and so have I. Yes, it is my husbands cooking that's doing it to us! He is trying! Really!
Did I mention I am bored!!!!

Here are some more pictures of our trip up and down the Rock River.
Hope you enjoy!


Anderson garden pictures and I am feeling alot better.....

A wonderful Japanese garden called Anderson Gardens.

If you are ever in or around this area you should try and visit. It is rated somewhere in the top ten of Japanese gardens in the US.

I can't remember who told me that a total hysterectomy is like a c-section. Well they lied to me! The only things that are similar is the 6-8 slice in my stomach and it was an OB/GYN who did it to me!

After the surgery on Monday I was knocked out till about midnight. The only thing I remember is pushing a button for morphine and my family showing up! I think I was pushing the button more then it wanted to give me.

Tuesday they took my morphine toy away and made me get up and walk! Before you say anything, I have had 2 c-sections and they were a year apart from each other. Then there was that fact that I had to blow wind before they would let me eat. An all liquid diet at a hospital is not a all pleasant. I still don't know what the yellow jello wasn't lemon, I do know that.

By Wednesday the nurses had had enough of me. I would call them tell them I have to use the bathroom they would show up after I had used the bathroom . The only thing they had to do is put these leg compression torture things back on my legs. A word about those is that after having them on for the first 24 hours they feel like my dachshunds are moving around my legs.

My husband and children picked me up on Wednesday about noon and home we went! I have on the 2nd floor of my home since, per doctors orders. Tomorrow I get to go downstairs. Yea!!!!

I do have to say this about my husband, he has been absolutely wonderful. He has waited on me hand and foot since I have come home. You have got to love a man who will do that for you. He even braved the grocery store and Wal-Mart for me today. What a wonderful husband I have!!!

I would also like to thank my friend Tracey in England for sending me a wonderful get well card. You brightened my day with it!

Anyway I am feeling better, but I don't think I will be bouncing back as quick as I did 6 years ago with my 2nd c-section.

One very happy puppy!

Family Favorite!

Family Favorite!

Anyone for dessert?

Anyone for dessert?